Internet Update #1

Heyya Internet. About time I post something here. Things have been going pretty smooth over here the last couple of…


This is Draug. Hear us Rawr.

Vi ble opprettet i Desember 2011 som et initiativ for å være med på NM I Gameplay det samme året.…


NM – Update #4

The time is now *looks at watch* 09:54. Jon, Martin, Boye and I are sitting here at NITH, Around a…


NM – Update #3

Hi guys (and a couple of girls). We are currently sitting in my dark-ass-apartment working on “Touch the Sumo”. Right…


NM – Update #2

Today has been a quiet day. Most of us have been working from home, but Tore and I met up…


NM – Update #1

We know we promised blog posts every day during the championships, but we’ve been so busy trying to wrap our…


We’re still here!

We know we’ve been very quiet the last months, but school is still killing the most of us.

Leviathan Sketch

Leviathan update!

I know we’ve been quiet for a while, but school is really killing us at the moment. We’re sad to…